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I have a slight obsession and this is where I release the feels of them as well as the series itself.

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yesterday we were just children

but now we’ve stepped into a cruel world



Favorite thing about Wolf Watch: Dylan openly cheats off Hoechlin.





you don’t understand, it’s canon that stiles cares enough about derek to hesitate before going after scott - his best friend - in a situation where a few seconds could mean life or death. stiles only goes…


        baby you’re all that i want ,

                            when you’re lying here in my arms


STEREK AU | Derek and Stiles are supposed to be doing research but it’s not working out as they thought it would.

When Stiles and Derek are attacked in the loft by an unknown assassin, Stiles wants to run off, half-cocked, to figure out who hurt his not-boyfriend in the privacy of his own home. Derek all but drags him, and the only evidence he could grab from the assassin, to the Sheriff’s station. Knowing how annoyed Stiles is at not being able to go after the assassin, they decide it’s probably safest for Stiles to be cuffed to the desk, which he isn’t all that happy about. He lashes out by being annoying and trying to embarrass Derek and scar his dad for life. Neither man is too deterred by his attempts, although Derek does use the word “boyfriend” for the first time, which Stiles is secretly thrilled about. The device Derek grabbed from the assassin tells them they’re looking for someone known as the Benefactor, someone who, for reasons unknown, wants Stiles dead.


It’s going to be okay, big guy. I promise.

Derek needs some hug y/y (◡‿◡✿)



It’s going to be okay, big guy. I promise.

Derek needs some hug y/y (◡‿◡✿)


Ops… that was totally unexpected